Mini Bio

Since returning to live and work in Northern Ireland at the turn of the century I have specialised in computer games and emerging technologies with a particular focus on games enhanced health and learning. To this end I’ve designed and created a variety of serious games both for research and commercial purposes. My research background is in computational intelligence and I have applied my expertise in this area to serious games as well as a number of research projects including contexts such as intelligent interactive storytelling, machine learning in games, player profiling and streaming cloud games. Since 1998 I have had over 80 papers published in peer reviewed journals and conferences as well as an authored book entitled Biologically Inspired Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games. Over this time I have supervised a dozen PhD students, most of whom have focused on games related problems.

I’m married to @bionic_rez and share a house with our daughter @spongebum, our special Siberian husky @zerothehusky, Finn the nincompoop (King Charles Spaniel), and General Custard (cockatiel with attitude). We live on the north coast of Ireland where the weather is never dull but can be wet and windy. I’m a keen photographer and try to put some of my images on my photo site I sometimes wish I was less of a geek and spent and more time outdoors. I’m a keen gamer and a bit of a collector of games, which doesn’t help get me get away from computers/consoles. I’ve played well over 5000 games, from Pong through to the most current, and I have found that this can in my teaching, research and consultancy work. When I’m not messing around with new technology and games software I watch the occasional Tottenham Hotspur game, though I have wondered many times over the past 40+ years whether this is wise. I’m loyal though so I suffer on! I’ve also been a season ticket holder for Ulster rugby and I recently qualified as an Open Water Scuba diver.