Upper Arm Virtual Reality Stroke demo at VSMM 2017

Our VR health research team from Ulster University attended the 23rd Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia: Through the Looking Glass – Back to the Future of Virtual Reality. Prof Suzanne McDonough gave an invited keynote at the conference. Attendance provided us with a great opportunity to showcase our recent upper arm stroke VR systems currently being used by three of our PhD students. We were recently successful, along with our Swedish and Italian commercial partners, in obtaining Phase 2 PCP funding through the EU Magic project to develop a VR stroke rehabilitation system capable of deployment with stroke care pathways. A decade of VR research has helped us gain a good understanding of both the potential and limitations of technology to enhance healthcare. Recent commercial VR technology innovations have significantly reduced cost and radically improved system usability. Our recent research focuses on harnessing modern VR innovations for improved self-managed home rehabilitation.

Ulster VR stroke rehab
Dr Kane trying our VR stroke rehab system

Pre-conference we were delighted to host a group of psychiatrists to sample both our VR systems and commercial systems that may be suitable for use in a range of psychiatric care contexts. Pictures of Dr Joe Kane and colleagues are shown below engaging with a variety of technologies and deep in conversation about the potential of the technology.

VR rehab with Leap Motion
Deep in conversation
PhD students, Joe and Dominic having a modern conversation!

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