Active AR/VR for Stroke Rehabilitation – Magic Phase 1 Project underway

Our Active VR Serious Games research team at Ulster has teamed up with experts from Italy and Sweden to develop a commercial Active VR system for self-managed home-based rehabilitation. The system has sound foundations based on over a decade of Ulster research and development on the use of games, AR, VR, and associated assistive technologies for rehab. Our approach has evolved substantially over the years and has benefited from collaborative clinical advice from experts such Prof Suzanne McDonough, Dr Katy Pedlow, and Dr Jaqui Crosbie, who have all contributed to subsequent research publication and grant funding processes. Progress on the project has been excellent though much of the system core was already established. Novel features are being added based on new research and emerging technology, and these are considerably improving the effectiveness and usability of the system.

Beautiful Ancona in spring last week.

So far we have had two face-to-face team meetings, one in Belfast and the other in Ancona. These meetings are very productive and fun. Here are pictures of beaches taken at both locations during the same week, showing that the north coast of Ireland, though often wild and windy, can frequently also be beautiful. No doubts that the water temperature is much warmer in Ancona though!

Portstewart on a nice afternoon last weekend.

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